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"Say to a blind man, you're free..."

I am one reluctant blogger.  When I initiated this blog, I promised myself I would "publish" (isn't the name of that button misleading?) only things that I felt must be said.  If that makes for infrequent posts, so be it.  And so, after a long hiatus, here I am, writing a sad note.  Yesterday, Saramago died. 

A few weeks ago, as I was preparing for vacation, I cruised amazon looking for a few book (read people) to take with me.  One of the books I purchased was Saramago's Notebook, recently translated in English.  Another one was my old friend Guillevic ( a bilingual edition that enchanted me, by Denise Levertov; Denise, wonderful work!).  The tragedy was that, in my hurry, I took Guillevic but forgot Saramago on the living room table - where he stoicly waited for my return... 

There are a  few books that…