July Top Ten Most Viewed Writers on Dave Wisehart's blog

Today, I was happy to learn that Dave Wisehart's blog Kindle Author, albeit barely one month old, has made it in the Top 100 book blogs on the Internet.

Secondly, after tirelessly interviewing 59 authors in July, Dave looked to see who were the most viewed among the 59.  Here is the list, and yours humbly has made the top ten list @ number 8. 
  1. Lee Goldberg 
  2. James Stanson 
  3. Lisa Kramer Taruschio
  4. M.M. Bennetts
  5. Helen Smith 
  6. Stacey Cochran
  7. Danielle Q. Lee
  8. Gabriela Popa 
  9. Tonya Plank 
  10. Elisa Lorello

 Dave deserves congratulations not only for his entrepreneurial spirit but also for putting out there some of the most creative interviews on the web.  He customized his questions, so you discover something new (about both Dave and the Interviewee) with each post you read. 

Congrats, Dave! 
Looking forward to seeing Kindle Author at number 1.

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