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“The most agreeable of executioners” - Steve Silkin on Cioran

GP: Steve, it’s such a pleasure for me to interview someone who met and talked with Emil Cioran. Reading your book “The Forbidden Stories”, I was a little bit puzzled by the detachment with which you approach your younger life. Beautiful and intriguing, your literature seems a casual expedition in a past assigned to you, rather than the past that you lived. It is therefore quite fascinating to see that you find solace in someone like Emil Cioran, who lived so intimately close to abyss and despair every second of his life. Is it because, as they say, opposites attract?

STEVE SILKIN: Cioran was more of a challenge than a solace. He had studied Bergson, but gave up on him because he said that Bergson “hadn’t seen the tragic aspect of life.” That sentence was a big influence on my first book, “The Telescope Builder.” I could’ve posted it on the wall above my desk, but I didn’t need to – it was constantly in my mind. I think you can find his influence in “The Forbidden Stories” t…

A most creative review on Kafka's House

LK Riegel, author of  Space Junque posted a most creative review on Kafka's House on Kindle Boards's Book Bazaar here under a special Daypalooza.  LK's review on Kafka's House says:

"I have a love/hate relationship with this book, and I'll tell you straight: I haven't finished it yet either! The punctuation is atrocious. The spelling is at times creative. The stream-of-consciousness style loses me sometimes.

And yet...

I love this book! The punctuation serves its purpose. The creative spelling is actually appropriate and rare. The stream-of-consciousness style takes me to a world wholly unlike my own.

If you'd like something different, this is your book."

Thanks LK!

Kafka's House is at #5 in History/Eastern on amazon

Happy to see that Kafka's House is at #5 in History/Eastern on amazon:

#5 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > History > Europe > Eastern

#8 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Parenting & Families > Parenting > Morals & Responsibility

#35 in Books > History > Europe > Eastern

Thank you, April!

I received a nice personal message today from a Nook owner, April, who says: "Hi, I just read about your book Kafka's House, and it looks really, really good, I know it's available for the Kindle, but it is also available on B&N? I only have a nook so I can't read Kindle books. For some reason the B&N website won't load up for me tonight otherwise I would search for it myself."
Yes, dear Nook owners, it is available on Nook here: "Kafka's House"

This is so wonderful. Thank you, April!