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Confessions of a Girl Who Quit Her Job to Write a Novel

I have the great pleasure of hosting Beth Orsoff, charming storyteller and bestselling writer who tells us with humor, irony and wit, how she became a writer.Here is her story... 
"If you were an entertainment lawyer circa 2001, or you just knew a few entertainment lawyers in L.A. back then, you’ve probably heard of me. Not by name, of course. You just heard of the lawyer who quit her studio job to write a novel. I was infamous, for a short while at least. Even several years later, when I’d gone to work at a different movie studio, I would be on the phone negotiating a deal with another lawyer when I’d admit that I was a writer too. There’d be a pause then, “Are you that lawyer who quit her job to write a novel?” And I’d have to fess up. “Yes, I’m that lawyer.”

Prior to December 2004, it wasn’t much fun to admit that because I hadn’t yet sold my first novel. Luckily it did sell, eventually, and was published by Penguin/NAL in 2006 as “Romantically Challenged.” Believe it or n…