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A Fantastic Book on the Writer's Life

I had the pleasure of readingKey West Story, the latest novel by Rick Skwiot, and had the joy of meeting troubled soul Con Martens, a Key West writer married to - or, as he muses in a moment of truth, shackled to - his writing, desperately fighting a bad case of writer's block as he immerses himself in the hot and spicy adventures of Key West.  Along comes, for a delightful ride, illegal immigrant Eva who wants badly to marry him and keeps pitching her "business plans" in adorably broken English  ("I need Green Card, you need money.  So I pay you going rate: ten thousand American dollars." (...) "Two years we live together in marriage.  No baby.  Plus hot sex and Czech cooking.  What do you say?  Is good offer? ")  and  Cat, the .22 automatic carrying ( "Put the gun down, Cat.  I think now's the time to discuss our relationship.  Monogamy.  I am willing to negotiate") jealous lover.  But more importantly along comes, for a surreal ride,…