Saturday, September 1, 2012

Anyone making fun of you because you are a writer?

A few weeks ago, Dawn McCullough White (author of "Trilogy of Shadows") purchased my collection of flash fiction and posted a generous review.  Among others, in her review she mentions Hemingway.  Well, Hemingway happens to be one of my idols, so immediately after I  read it, I showed Dawn's review to my husband.
He read it twice and said, slowly: "Hemingway!! Oh, wow!" 
Since then, whenever I am in the kitchen, he comes close to me (as I mix a pudding, slice onions, or add tomato sauce in some stew) and whispers in my ear: "Hello, Popa Hemingway" - obviously a pun to "Papa" Hemingway...
So I was just curious...anyone making fun of you too because you are a writer?


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