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Richard Ford: "You don't write it down, and it becomes a worry..."

RichardFord arrived at 7:10 PM on March 8, 2013, at the St. Louis County Library on Lindbergh to find a steamy, hot room full of people.  The thermostat was perhaps playing tricks, a person who introduced the person who introduced Ford (ahem, the latter being John Dalton* from UMSL) said.  Ford did what writers typically do in situations like these: he read to his audience.  First, from one of his short stories taking place in St. Louis, then from the book he was promoting, Canada.  I do not believe he impressed with his reading skills (the way a T.C. Boyle did a year or so ago.)  But he did make a few interesting comments, and here are some that captured my interest.   
First, he discussed what happens in a writer's head, and asserted that a writer's mind talks in twenty voices at the same time.  "Now," Ford said, "everyone talks in voices - for example, when you go to the doctor and listen to what he's telling you, you play his voice in your head along wit…