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Nabokov: The pencil that needs resharpening, the bladder that has to be drained, the words that I always mispell and always have to look up...

If you have the patience to listen to (and therefore forgive) the old-fashioned, pretentious tone of this video, you will discover something long gone: wisdom.  Pure, burdensome and necessary as water or air.

I can not think of any contemporary writer (American or otherwise) who forces us to remain honest to our principles with such brutality and such grace. 

Time travel to 1911: The world according to Meyer Brothers Druggist

Ahh!  The good old times in therapeutics, when syphilis was "treated" with arsenic...when everyone had his or her opium little bottle in their armoire....or when radium became the panacea for all ailments...

Here is how the world looked like in early 1900 according to vol.32, 1911 edition of the Meyer Brothers Druggist {published "In the interests of the Entire Drug Trade"} 

"Radium as a Therapeutic Agent.—The Department of Commerce, of Vienna, issues a warning to the effect that great caution must be observed in the use of radium in the treatment of disease. It is stated, however, that radium therapeutics has a great future, especially as it maybe applied easily both externally and internally and the effect is constant. (page 42, 1911)

Also, in case you did not know, the same magazine informs us that at the beginning of the twentieth century, "The most expensive medicine is radium, which at present has a market price of about $5,000,000.00 an ounce.&quo…