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“I am not here to write,” Walser said, “but to be mad.”

Never heard of Robert Walser.   Described as similar in tone and expression with Max Blecher and Franz Kafka. 
The Lucky OneBy Robert Walser, translated from the German by Daniele Pantano
August 1, 2010 in  
People have a gift for mouth and eye
and ear, and houses have doors, corridors,
windows, and in the alleys, in the halls there
was always a lucky one, who carried with him
the mistakes of others, what a burden
it must have been that pushed him down,
but he was pleased by all this pushing.
Once, by the way, he went to search
for something in a grand garden.
Someone had given him a difficult task
he couldn’t possibly hope to complete.
Dignified men and women stood
on the Altan, the terrace, that is,
and scrutinized him, a splendid
gathering, from which, like rockets,
emerged laughter, and on this substantial day
the stupid boy that he was broke a hand
painted cup, whereupon at once the scenery
was shifted. There was always something
important that remained strange to him,
he …

A poem by Elizabeth Bishop

"The Shampoo"

by Elizabeth Bishop  

The still explosions on the rocks,
the lichens, grow
by spreading, gray, concentric shocks.
They have arranged
to meet the rings around the moon, although
within our memories they have not changed.
And since the heavens will attend
as long on us,
you've been, dear friend,
precipitate and pragmatical;
and look what happens. For Time is
nothing if not amenable.
The shooting stars in your black hair
in bright formation
are flocking where,
so straight, so soon?
--Come, let me wash it in this big tin basin,
battered and shiny like the moon.

Giveaway on Goodreads for "Focus your mind-coloring book"

I have a giveaway on Goodreads for my coloring book, "Focus your mind", going on right now.

It's on for a few more day, so now is the time to apply!

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My book for colorists is out! "Focus your mind" is all about beautiful shapes and whimsical designs!

I had a LOT of fun doing this book and although it was so much work I enjoyed every minute of it.  Every shape was  a discovery and there is nothing more wonderful that to see lines morphing under your hands into something unexpected, playful and gracious.

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