Vintage Missouri

All this more or less is stuff I have come across in my daily travails in or around St. Louis in the past few weeks.  In no particular order, the glorious Amorphophallus titanum  at Missouri Botanical Garden and  how to shoot fish in Missouri river.

Enjoy Vintage Missouri.

Here it is.  Amorphophallus titanum, Her Royal Stinkiness in all its
 mummified glory.  Blooming Day, only happening every few years...

And then, a few days later, poof!  The tip of the Universe falls over.

Two days later, it was Poof!  Major Poof!!!

Now to the more serious matter of killing jumping fish in Missouri river.  This is how you shoot fish --- well - you shoot, all right, 'cause you have the tools.  They (the fish) jump like devils from water just to drive you mad 'cause it's impossible to hit them.  

It's a lottery and they are holding the winning numbers.  They are just too damn fast.  But the river runs furious at your feet, the  morning is lovely - what's to stop you?   

... a method to the madness, right?

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